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Leather is an animal's skin which has been processed with an acidic solution to stop it from decaying.

Leather is most often used as a fabric.

The finish of the leather is dependent on

  • the animal
  • the animal's age
  • the body part from which the skin was extracted
  • the tanning process
    • concentrations
    • planing
    • colouring additives
  • final treatments, for example waxing

Leather as a fetish

The properties of leather incurring affectionate reactions on leather fetishists include

  • tactile
    • smoothness
    • skin feel
    • resistance to wear
  • olfactory
    • new leather with residues of the tanning process
    • old leather
    • used leather; leather being somewhat of a barrier to air exchange it is likely to trap and gather any bodily fragrances
  • visual
    • smoothness
    • tightness
    • flow

Since leather was originally the skin of an animal, it may be regarded as a second skin, especially if tight-fitting.

Other connotations include the perceived status of leather clothing (besides the usual belts and boots) being, at least a bit, provocative.

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