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LatexWiki is a wiki dedicated to cataloging the wonderful world of latex fetishism, covering everything from latex clothing and fetish models, to events in the fetish community and many other sources.

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Featured Article: FOSK

Associació Cultural Fosk per a la divulgació del cautxú (known as FOSK) is a non-profit association created on September 11, 2007 in Spain, as a free meeting point for all rubberists, regardless of sexual orientation.


Instead of having its headquarters and main activity in Barcelona, Fosk has among its members, people from all the Spanish speaking countries (most of them tired of having a language barrier when finding a community which shares their interests). But it took two years of effort (organising workshops, conferences, parties, performances and more) to get it off the ground. And most important, demonstrating to the rubbermates that they were not alone, that far away from the potent centres such as the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, there also exists a growing fetish passion. And with this purpose, to support the fetish scene in their country, is why Fosk was born.

What does Fosk offer?

From the different branches that comprise Fosk, the online community (Fosk Barcelona, sticks out above the rest, and the fast acceptance it has received from the rest of the BDSM scene of Barcelona has surprised us. In a short time it has become a point of reference for latex fetishists and has created its own place and earned the respect of the other BDSM groups in the region.

Following its path of expansion and promotion of latex clothing, we cannot continue without mentioning another attached section: the fetish film studio FoskMedia (, a platform where different members of the community expound their particular perception of fetishism and BDSM. Specialising in shortcuts, it also offers artistic advice to the cinematographic industry (one of its members has won the shortcut prize in the past Erotic International Festival of Barcelona for this). And to carry with all this activities, years ago, the need to have a space culminated in the inauguration of the head office in Barcelona, that serves of headquarters for the recently created association.

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