Rubberist (Atomage)

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Atomage rubberist 01 cover.jpg

Rubberist is the name of a magazine publishe dby Atomage Publications. It was written and published by legendary fetish writer, John Sutcliffe.

This magazine was one of the first notable rubber fetishism-specific underground publications, as it was started in the 1970s. Issue 1 is listed as being published in July 1979.

It has been suggested by some that Atomage started their Rubberist imprint due to the success of the rubber-specific fetish publication titled "Dressing for Pleasure", which was a rival contemporary underground magazine, as that phrase is specifically listed on Atomage Rubberist's very first cover.

The magazine is listed as having a run of 16 known issues. It is unclear if there were any other issues after the release of issue 16.

This magazine series is not to be confused with the Rubberist (Shiny) magazine from Shiny Films.