Rubberist (Shiny)

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Shiny rubberist 01 cover small.jpg

Rubberist is the name of a magazine formerly published by Shiny Films Publications.

Like many of its comtemporary underground magazine publishers, Rubberist focused on the specific needs and desires of its core audience in the rubber fetishism underground community. It was mostly a listing for various actual participants and enthusiasts to share their experiences and expectations in the "rubber lifestyle". It also included colour photos of several participants as well as the occasional stories.

Shiny's Rubberist has a run of 35 known released issues.

This magazine later merged with rival publication Dressing for Pleasure and was restarted under the different title of "DFP and Rubberist" also known as DFP/Rubberist.

This magazine series is not to be confused with Rubberist from Atomage.