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Libidex garter belt

A suspender belt (garter belt in US English) is an item lingerie designed to hold up stockings. It consists, as its name suggests, of a belt (often elasticated) worn round the waist to which are attached suspenders.

The belt is usually made of cloth (though fetish ones made of PVC or rubber exist), and is often part of a set with matching bra and panties or thong. There are generally two suspenders on each side. Strip tease artistes often wear belts with three or even four on each side, so they can spend longer unclipping the suspenders from their stockings.

Instead of a belt, suspenders may be attached to the bottom of a corset or basque.

The suspender belt was long a staple of female fashion, but the decline in stockings following the introduction of tights (pantyhose) in the 1960s greatly reduced its popularity. However, belts and stockings continue to be sold in many modern department stores and in more specialised outlets.

In the latex and fetish world, the garter belt still has an important place, as it features as sexual fetish clothing in popular culture and pornography.

Lickorish latex garter belt

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