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2809½ Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles CA
+1 (213) 989-0334
Google map
Syren, Stockroom, Kinklab, Stormy Leather.
Open Seven Day a Week
12:00 to 22:00
sat until 23:00
Visa, MC, Amex, Disc, Cash opened the doors of its first retail store on Friday October 19th 2007 with a gala event. The Stockroom/Syren store now houses the revamped Syren latex clothing line, as well as Daedalus Publishing, adult product brand KinkLab, and classic Stockroom wares.

If you would like to make arrangements for a custom fitting, an in-store pick-up, or a personalized shopping experience, please contact one of our knowledgeable sales associates


JT's Stockroom is the oldest sex toy company on the Internet. Its history as an online retailer predates the World Wide Web.

The company was started in 1988 as "JT Toys" by Joel Tucker, a student at Occidental College. He produced an all-text catalog that was distributed via his student email account, FTP, gopher sites, and Bulletin Board Systems.

The company became known to the Internet community via Usenet newsgroup discussions in 1990. The company offered a range of sexual paraphernalia, including BDSM supplies and bondage gear. In 1995, two years after the invention of the World Wide Web, the company established a website. The online catalog features 2000+ adult products, including safe sex supplies, a large selection of bondage, BDSM and electrical gear, books, magazines, etc. You'll also find product photos, interactive ordering, an erotic photo gallery, and a free chat room. In 2001, JT's Stockroom acquired a publishing company, Daedalus Publishing. In 2006, JT's Stockroom acquired renowned latex couture design shop Syren.'s website and catalogs have featured some noteworthy models and photographers, including Aria Giovanni, Kyla Cole, Masuimi Max, Midori and Steve Diet Goedde.


The adult toy company has recently acquired Syren, a manufacturer of couture latex designs. currently manufactures its own line of BDSM and fetish gear, accounting for approximately 30% of the products the company sells. With the new acquisition of the Syren line, that percentage will increase.

When Syren owner Andy Wilkes, who founded the latex/fetish couture label over 20 years ago, decided to leave Syren to pursue other activities in digital arts, he said he wanted to leave his company in capable hands that would be sure to carry on Syren's reputation. After discussions between Wilkes and founder Joel Tucker, the two company heads decided that they could join forces.

Syren is a recognized brand among both fetish fashion enthusiasts and filmmakers who have counted on the company to produce costumes for films such as Batman, Catwoman and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The new management plans to retain Syren's entire production team.

"Andy has retired from day-to-day involvement in this business," said Tucker, "but we have discussed working together on custom designs in the future, and I do expect that will happen. The door remains open with Andy." To helm this new growth, as well as Syren's Beverly Blvd. retail site, has brought on Byron Knight to act as Managing Director of Syren. Knight assures, "Syren's retail and wholesale operations will continue undisturbed, and will be expanded. We plan to keep Syren well-managed and well-stocked, and we expect that the clientele will fall in love all over again with Syren."

Even before the new Syren acquisition, was already going through new growth. This month the company also launched a redesigned website with a host of new features, including their long-awaited affiliate program, shareable Wishlists, eCards, LiveChat Customer Service, and the KinkWire Celebrity-Moderated Community Forum.

The Stockroom's resident latex designer Jeff of LA is excited to continue running the Latex Department , integrating the best that Syren has to offer with our quality production standards. His 13 years of Latex Design and Production experience began at Mr. S in San Francisco where he designed many of their many of their popular latex bondage items.

J. Mysterioso, Stockroom's Production Manager, says, "This is truly a situation of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. We're looking forward to creating new designs that will incorporate the best of both worlds".


Comments & reviews

I went there, and while not really in best reach of public transport, it is just a 20 minutes walk from the next Metro station (Vermont/Beverly), but there is also a bus line. The shop itself is across two floors with natural light coming from high up windows and has 3 racks of men's latex and a lot more for women. In addition it contains all kind of kinky goodies and toys and there are quite a few workshops held on various subjects.

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