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Wikipedia is an online open source publicly accessible encyclopedia. It runs wiki software, allowing the general public to edit it.

According to some, Wikipedia is written and maintained by individuals who are more interested in promoting an agenda that may be at odds with the idea of open access to ALL information and the uninterupted sharing of that information, while ignoring the fact that there are established laws (particularly obscenity laws) of certain nations that restrict the types of information and access to that information contained in this online database as such information and access CAN result in legal prosecutions of the database owners and publishers.

The most notable lack of such open and direct information sharing are those who are interested in so called porn topics. However, it should be noted that there are many separate specialised wikis that promote such information, including this wiki which focuses on latex fetish, as well as other alternative "sex" focused online encyclopedias (see List of AltSex Wikis).

The treatment of fetish and related areas by Wikipedia is very poor. Examples are the deletion of articles such as Box tie and Yiffstar, and even the article on Wipipedia (on the fourth attempt), and the renaming of Gimp suit to Bondage suit by a user who did not know the difference.